Health checks matter, and so do you

PremedGo connects you with healthcare providers offering a range of preventative healthcare services.

Today is the best day to start taking care of your health

With the PremedGo app you can:

Search for your nearest healthcare provider
Book your health check at a time that works best for you
Track and manage your health check history

Prevention is better than cure

Regular health checks can help to diagnose both acute and chronic disease at an earlier stage and, in some cases, identify certain risk factors to prevent disease altogether.

For some conditions, an early diagnosis can mean that treatment is likely to be more successful than if the disease is caught at a later stage.

How it works

Register in the PremedGo mobile app

Answer a few simple questions to get started and to create your profile with PremedGo.


Use the credits received from your employer

If your employer signs up with PremedGo, they will get promo codes for their employees that can be used for regular health checks.

Fill out the health questionnaire

Answer questions about your health before your health check to save time during your appointment.

Choose a suitable health check plan

Depending on the last time you had a health check, PremedGo will recommend you a package with examinations to undertake.

Book your health check

Select any PremedGo medical provider and book your appointment in a few clicks.

Do you have an employer or medical provider to recommend?

For employers

  • Insure your employees
  • Provide them with promo codes to sign up
  • Let them use your credits for their health checks

For medical providers

  • Increase your patients database
  • Manage your appointment schedule
  • See patients data before the appointment

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